Approaching Shakespeare is intimidating because no matter what, someone has done it better ("someone" being Baz Luhrmann and "it" being his 1996 film Romeo + Juliet). Though there are already hundreds of different covers for each of these plays, I wanted to attempt my own. 
I wanted to bring my favourite elements of these plays onto these covers. In a play about nobility, romance, and magic, perhaps the most memorable character is Bottom, a lowborn actor whose head is temporarily transformed into that of a donkey. 
The narrative of King Henry V is so much about growth, as he matures from the undisciplined Hal to a battle-ready king. It's questionable that he's all that mature though, because so much of the motivation for war comes from a tennis-ball themed taunt from the French court. 
I feel that daggers and blood are too common on covers of Romeo and Juliet. The play is about love and violence, but it's also about barriers and how difficult it is to cross them. 
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